Located west of Montrose on Spring Creek Mesa. We are a small homestead farm providing raw milk to over 120 households in the greater Montrose area. Our dairy practices are sustainable, natural, and extremely humane. Our cows all know their names and simple commands, enjoy being petted and brushed, and live a healthy life on clean pasture where they rotationally graze their day's away!
Cows at Milk and Honey graze on irrigated pasture in a rotational system that allows grasses and legumes to grow back healthy with mineral and compost tea sprays. Cows are given year round access to grass, triticale and alfalfa hays we produce that are free of chemical spray. Free choice kelp, salt and sea minerals are available to meet dietary needs. Recent studies demonstrate that raw milk from cows that graze exclusively on grass and forages produce milk that has superior nutritional value to milk from cows that have been fed grain, with twice as much omega-3 fatty acids and beta-carotene.

Real Milk from Happy Cows
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